What Is An Adjective For Amazing?

What is the verb of amazing?


(transitive) To fill with wonder and surprise; to astonish, astound, surprise or perplex.

[from 16th c.] (intransitive) To undergo amazement; to be astounded..

What is noun of wonderful?

Word family (noun) wonder wonderment (adjective) wonderful wonder wondrous (verb) wonder (adverb) wonderfully.

Is Wonderful a common noun?

Example of Common Noun: Alex is a wonderful player.

What is a really long word for awesome?

What is another word for awesome?remarkablemagnificentstunningastonishingawe-inspiringbreathtakinggrandmajesticspectacularsplendid123 more rows

How do you use amazing?

Amazing sentence examplesIt was amazing how a person could change. … It was amazing how a baby could put love in so many hearts. … It was amazing how much they could change in less than a week. … Yes. … It was amazing how children honed in on parents emotions and sympathized. … The world is becoming more educated at an amazing rate.More items…

How do you express something amazing?

astonishingamazing.astounding.bewildering.breathtaking.extraordinary.impressive.marvelous.miraculous.More items…

What’s a synonym for extraordinary?

fantastic, remarkable, outstanding, unheard-of, marvelous, curious, bizarre, odd, special, unusual, incredible, phenomenal, singular, terrific, amazing, strange, unprecedented, unimaginable, exceptional, uncommon.

What’s a better word than amazing?

Answers.com has the following list for this word “Amazing”: astonishing, astounding, fabulous, fantastic, fantastical, incredible, marvelous, miraculous, phenomenal, prodigious, stupendous, unbelievable, wonderful, wondrous.

What is a stronger word for amazing?

In this page you can discover 61 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for amazing, like: astonishing, incredible, astounding, marvelous, wondrous, fantastical, phenomenal, prodigious, stupendous, miraculous and fantastic.

What type of word is wonderful?

adjective. excellent; great; marvelous: We all had a wonderful weekend. of a sort that causes or arouses wonder; amazing; astonishing: The storm was wonderful to behold.

What is the adverb of amazing?

Word family (noun) amazement (adjective) amazed amazing (verb) amaze (adverb) amazingly.

Is amazing an adjective or adverb?

Use the adjective amazing to describe something that is so good, it surprises you, like the amazing beauty of the Rocky Mountains or the amazing feats of a truly great athlete.

What is the verb form of worry?

Verb Forms of Worry(Base) 1st(Past) 2nd(Past Participle) 3rdWorryWorriedWorriedGet list of more Verb Forms.

What is a slang word for awesome?

Dope – Cool or awesome.