Question: What Is The Opposite Of Modern?

If an object or situation is foreign to us, then we fear it, even if it is not a threat to us.

And if you have no knowledge of biology, the fear can be much greater.

It isn’t so much fear as ignorance; what feeds the fear in this case is the inability to understand..

What is the opposite of success?

What is the opposite of success?failurecapitulationinadequacymessmisadventuremiscarriagemisstepbad movedebaclefrustration62 more rows

How do you say boring in a nice way?

Different Ways to Say It’s Interesting or It’s BoringI adore it.I couldn’t put it down.I couldn’t tear myself away.I like it.I was so into it, I lost track of time.I’m addicted/ attached to it.I’m crazy about it.I’m fond of it.More items…

Is nowadays a word?

There’s only one way to spell nowadays—as one word. Even though this adverb evolved from the Middle English now adays, spelling it as more than one word today is a mistake. You shouldn’t write it as now a days, nowdays, nowaday, or any other spelling: You can’t buy spirits if you’re a minor now a days .

What does in this day and age mean?

Simply put, “in this day and age” means “now, at the present time.” An age is a period of time, such as the Middle Ages, the Axial Age, or the Dark Ages. While those times are all in the past, “this day and age” refers to the current time—“this day.” Remember, a day is not necessarily a 24-hour period of time.

Is it good to be bored?

But experts say that boredom can be good for us—and the world. Being bored gives our brains a rest. … One study showed that people who were bored for a while were better able to solve problems afterward. It is often when we are bored that we come up with our best ideas.

What is the opposite word modern?

modern. Antonyms: past, bygone, former, olden, ancient, old-fashioned, antiquated, obsolete.

What is the synonym of modern?

SYNONYMS. fashionable, in fashion, in, in style, in vogue, up to date, up to the minute, all the rage, trendsetting, stylish, voguish, modish, chic, smart, the latest, new, newest, newfangled, new-fashioned, fresh, modernistic, advanced, progressive, forward-looking. à la mode.

What is opposite of ignorance?

ignorance. Antonyms: acquaintance, association, companionship, experience, familiarity, fellowship, friendship, intimacy, knowledge.

What is the opposite of boring?

Antonyms for boring current, lively, unusual, exciting, fascinating, smart, different, interesting, intelligent, bright, eventful, new.

What’s ignorance is bliss mean?

—used to say that a person who does not know about a problem does not worry about itHe never keeps up with the news or cares about the troubles in the world because he believes that ignorance is bliss.

What is the opposite of nowadays?

Antonyms of NOWADAYS long, distant, eventually, heretofore, old, remotest, later, never, future, former, past, hitherto, previously, far, previous, away, late, farthest, before, once, old-fashioned, formerly, absent, then, ago.

What word can replace boring?

In this page you can discover 73 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for boring, like: dull, tedious, monotonous, tiresome, dreary, humdrum, uninteresting, dry, irksome, weary and wearisome.

Is nowadays a formal word?

Today, now and nowadays tend to suggest that what is true now was not true in the past. Currently and at present tend to suggest that what is true now may not be true in the future. Nowadays is colloquial, unlikely to be used in formal writing.