Question: Is Fundamentality A Word?

How do you use the word fundamental?

Examples of fundamental in a Sentence Adjective The Constitution ensures our fundamental rights.

There’s a fundamental difference between these two political parties.

These ideas are of fundamental importance.

The revolution brought about a fundamental change in the country..

What are fundamental ideas?

principle; initial concept; fundamental idea; basis; basic thought; basic rule; rule of life; basic assumption; starting point; basic principle; basic idea.

What is the importance of fundamental position?

Answer: It is used as starting position for a number of free-standing exercises. Its greatest importance, however, lies in the fact that a large number of positions are derived from it, so that a fault in the fundamental position makes all the derived positions faulty.

What is the meaning of fundamental knowledge?

1 of, involving, or comprising a foundation; basic. 2 of, involving, or comprising a source; primary. 3 (Music) denoting or relating to the principal or lowest note of a harmonic series. 4 of or concerned with the component of lowest frequency in a complex vibration. n.

What is the difference between basic and fundamental?

As nouns the difference between fundamental and basic is that fundamental is a leading or primary principle, rule, law, or article, which serves as the groundwork of a system; essential part, as, the fundamentals of linear algebra while basic is a necessary commodity, a staple requirement.

What is the meaning of fundamentals?

serving as, or being an essential part of, a foundation or basis; basic; underlying: fundamental principles; the fundamental structure. of, relating to, or affecting the foundation or basis: a fundamental revision. being an original or primary source: a fundamental idea.

What is the best synonym for fundamental?

fundamentalbasic, foundational, rudimentary, elemental, elementary, underlying, basal, radical, root.primary, cardinal, initial, original, prime, first, primitive, primordial.principal, chief, capital, key, central.structural, organic, constitutional, inherent, intrinsic, ingrained.More items…

What is an example of fundamental?

Fundamental is defined as something that is basic or essential. The most basic underlying truth of a religion is an example of a fundamental truth. The definition of fundamental is a basic truth or law. Freedom is an example of a fundamental of the American ideal.

What is fundamental process?

Fundamental Process means a process (including sensors, instrumentation, controls and heat exchangers) designed for the primary purpose of achieving heat release from any fuel whereby such fuel is gradually oxidized in a high-temperature vessel maintained at such high temperature.

What is opposite of fundamental?

Antonyms: unimportant, incident, insignificant, incidental. Synonyms: key, vestigial, profound, inherent, cardinal, underlying, central, rudimentary, implicit in(p), primal. fundamental, profound(adj)

What does fundamental change mean?

Fundamental Change means the occurrence of a Change in Control or a Termination of Trading.

What is another word for fundamental?

Some common synonyms of fundamental are cardinal, essential, and vital. While all these words mean “so important as to be indispensable,” fundamental applies to something that is a foundation without which an entire system or complex whole would collapse.