Question: Can You Tour The Stanley Hotel?

Does the Stanley Hotel have tours?

The Stanley Day Tour is a unique way to experience the hotel’s history, architecture, folklore, and pop culture with a knowledgeable storyteller.

Each tour offers you opportunities to explore, ask questions, and perhaps leave with a few stories of your own..

Can you just walk around the Stanley Hotel?

You can walk around the hotel and the grounds surrounding at your leisure ~ gorgeous day up here in Estes ~ sun is shinning, aspen are beginning to bud ~ you’ll enjoy ! ! !

Does the Stanley Hotel have a maze?

Colorado’s ‘The Shining’ Hotel is Finally Getting That Hedge Maze. The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, Colorado knows how to appeal to its fan base. … Planted in June, the juniper maze is now three feet tall, so children can play without getting irretrievably lost.

What happened in Room 401 at The Stanley Hotel?

Room 401. More than a century ago, the entire fourth floor was a cavernous attic. It’s where female employees, children, and nannies stayed. Now, today’s guests will report hearing children running around, laughing, giggling and playing.

Is the Stanley Hotel Tour worth it?

The hotel is absolutely beautiful and well worth a visit. We learned alot about the history of the hotel. Our tour guide “Para”Norma was great and you could tell she really loved telling all the history of the hotel. We learned so much about the Stanley brothers and the histroy of Estes Park.

How much is Room 217 at The Stanley Hotel?

Getting there: The town of Estes Park, near the eastern entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, is 71 miles northwest of Denver. Hotel rates: Summer is the high season at The Stanley, with rates from $159 to $209 (Room 217 is $209). Information: For The Stanley, call 800-976-1377 or 970-586-3371.

What hotel was the shining filmed at?

The Stanley HotelThe Stanley Hotel inspired the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King’s 1977 bestselling novel The Shining and was a filming location for the related 1997 TV miniseries.

Is there a room 237 at The Stanley Hotel?

In the movie version of The Shining, Kubrick changed it to Room 237 (supposedly at the request of the Stanley Hotel’s management.) … The room in which Stephen King stayed and then used for the most haunted room in the fictionalized Overlook Hotel.

Does the Overlook Hotel still exist?

While the Overlook Hotel from the movie doesn’t actually exist, it is based on The Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO: a 142-room colonial revival hotel nestled in the Rocky Mountains.

Can you visit the hotel from The Shining?

The hotel that inspired Stephen King to pen the novel is The Stanley in Estes Park, CO just outside Rocky Mountain National Park. He checked into the hotel in 1973 for a one-night stay with his wife, Tabitha. … Today you can watch both King’s and Kubrick’s versions on a nonstop loop on the hotel’s Channel 42.

Does the Stanley Hotel have a restaurant?

The hotel features four restaurants that include ala carte fine dining at Cascades Restaurant: casual cocktails and cuisine at The Whiskey Bar & Lounge (with over 1,200 types of whiskey from around the world); and crafted coffee and gourmet food, snacks, and gifts at Colorado Cherry Co.

How far is the Stanley Hotel from downtown Estes Park?

“The Stanley has a fascinating history, is located so beautifully close to the Rocky Mountain National Park entrance (about 4.5 miles), and is walking distance to downtown Estes Park and Fall River.”

How much is it to tour the Stanley Hotel?

5 answers. As of May 2015, the Stanley tour, tickets are $23, and the night ghost tour tickets are $28. There are discounts for military, seniors and AAA. You can find prices and more tours available on their website.

Can I book Room 217 at The Stanley Hotel?

Stanley Hotel features a variety of rooms with high paranormal activity including the famous Stephen King Suite 217, the Ghost Hunters’ favorite room 401, as well as 407, and 428. These are among our most-requested rooms, availability is limited.

Can you stay in Room 237?

The promotion includes “special accommodations” in Room 237, for $237 a night. If you’ll recall, Room 237 is where all manner of terror occurs at the story’s Overlook Hotel.